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Introducing Next-generation B2B e-Commerce

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

B2B e-Commerce Evolution
Over the last decade, Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce has evolved dramatically from basic communication and transactions to the involvement of communities as part of the buying experience.

This increased focus on the customer is driven by key trends including Business-to-Consumer (B2C)-B2B convergence and product-centered to buyer-centric transformation. The B2C-B2B convergence is driven by both B2B sellers and B2B buyers. Sellers want to provide online retail-like experience by offering product recommendations/and promotions to increase sales and B2B buyers expect the same rich and personalized experience that B2C sites offer.

Next-generation B2B e-commerce helps companies to respond to these demands by delivering a streamlined, buyer-centric and engaging online experience that enable buyers to efficiently interact and transact with the brand and allow sellers to reduce administrative costs, increase sales, and improve brand loyalty.

This blog will discuss next-generation B2B e-commerce strategies, innovations, best practices, and success stories that will help B2B companies to successfully leverage the web/online channel for marketing, selling, and build branding.

Next-generation B2B e-Commerce (B2B 2.0)
This first entry will discuss the “next-generation” B2B e-commerce (B2B 2.0) framework which consists of three elements – Operational management, Buyer-centric marketing, and Rich customer experience.

  1. The primary goal of operational management is to deliver “zero-touch perfect order in the least amount of time”. In other words operational automation is about reducing costs or improving bottom-line.
  2. On the other hand, buyer-centric marketing is about top-line growth which is driven by deep understanding of customer needs, segments, and behavior to deliver targeted and contextual marketing messages to influence the decision makers.
  3. Finally, rich customer experience helps to drive loyalty by “becoming easy to do business with,” which includes delivering a rich buying experience, providing easy access to information to aid in purchasing decisions, and online communities post-purchase support.

What is your view?
See this link for one viewpoint on Next Generation B2B E-Commerce and I am keen to hear your comments and what you envision as “next generation” e-commerce for your industry or organization.

Note: The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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